Unvaccinated when I met you

Unprepared for the sickness that invaded my body

euphoric at first, i did not notice my symptoms

happiness i called it

not knowing the toxicity that you quietly infected me with

my soul, my stomach, my heart, my muscles; deep

slowly, the pain began, spreading from one organ to another

the inability of my mind to control my limbs, drowning

it was too late,  by the time i realized i was affected beyond a treatment

too late to fix the ravages of what you had done to me

your essence permeating the immune system of my heart

what was i to do now? pray for a swift ending to what i realize now a fatal condition?

death, total and final i prayed for; death of any lasting memory of you

darkness of recollection in what used to be my only source of light

this parting is not a sweet sorrow

you have left me with only the bitter and metallic taste of what could have been