Always is a word that almost never should be used

However, with you, you break all the rules

Always you hurt me the second I trust you

Always I give you my vulnerability to you only have it crushed in your hand like a dying ember

Always you break my heart

Always like a fool I come running back for more

Always your promises never coming to fruition; lies seep from your mouth like water from the rock

Always I hope

Always I lie awake at night with only you on my mind

Always the smile you place upon my face is quickly replaced by the sorrowful expression of broken expectations

Always I hope

Always the ghost of our memories by my side, my nights haunted and my days shadowed

Always waiting, always longing, a thirst I cannot quench

Always I hope


By jvick84

Hello! My name is Jo'el and welcome to my blog. My passions are traveling, cooking and adventure. I recently quit my Systems Engineering career to pursue my passions of writing, traveling and living an authentic life. I hope you enjoy reading my musings, my struggles and my adventures.

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