A Guest Post From Casey Callahan ~ Promise Yourself

Promise to yourself to…
Be the strongest
Be you, always
And just be, as you are

Be true to yourself…
Be happy
Be loving
And live each day like it is your last

Be good to yourself…
Be charming
Be positive
And never be dragged down

Find your paradise
Make it what you will
Be blissful in it
And be intoxicated by it

Embrace where the wind takes you
Be lifted by the breeze
Float on
And let the adventure unfold

Find what you seek
Be found
Be lost
And in-between

Smile often, smile a great deal
Keep smiling, always
Stay as bright as you are
As your spirit is the brightest

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By jvick84

Hello! My name is Jo'el and welcome to my blog. My passions are traveling, cooking and adventure. I recently quit my Systems Engineering career to pursue my passions of writing, traveling and living an authentic life. I hope you enjoy reading my musings, my struggles and my adventures.

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