Patchwork Girl

With each new break

A crack was created

Stitching myself back together

Determination the needle

Addiction, therapy, hope was the thread


I look at myself in the mirror

I see sadness etched into lines marring the grooves and planes of my face

Two deeply blue eyes gaze back

Deep in color and in soul

I see what this incarnation has imprinted on me


I continue to act as the seamstress of my soul

Sewing my heart and body back together

A patchwork sorrow, pain, happiness and goodness


It took the breaks and stiches to appreciate the uniqueness of me



By jvick84

Hello! My name is Jo'el and welcome to my blog. My passions are traveling, cooking and adventure. I recently quit my Systems Engineering career to pursue my passions of writing, traveling and living an authentic life. I hope you enjoy reading my musings, my struggles and my adventures.

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So nice to see you writing again! I hope you go on another adventure soon – love your photography as well!

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