Where are you?

I’ve been waiting

My soul supplicating the universe

Generations have come and passed

Remember the little market we had on the street corner?

The hustle and bustle of our neighbors?

Scurrying to and fro on the cobble stone streets

The love we shared in our tiny apartment above the shop

The love filled the walls to the brim

Dripping out of the windows and door frames like honey

That was a few incarnations ago

Since then I’ve been in the dark


Where are you?

 I’ve been waiting

Waiting for the stars in my constellation to reappear

The landscape to come to life with your presence

 Our passion was like Yanar Dag, Our love the Land of fire

The warmth we found in each other’s arms, fierce enough to last from one life to the next

You promised me you’d come back

It has been many lives since

How many incarnations do I have to go through till we meet again?




Add Yours
  1. GA

    You inspired me to write a response. Love your work.

    The stone of your longing,
    weighs heavily on the soul.
    It keeps you trapped,
    smashed into a blissless forlorn form.
    Upon this rock was built a hope,
    like a sandcastle on the glittering beach.
    Tall crystalline towers stand as a monument,
    to love.
    But the towers will crumble,
    for sand dries out in the fire of your passion,
    for it burns,
    but not hot enough to turn that pillar of love
    to everlasting glass.
    And the fire fades, the sand falls, and the rock remains
    immovable, impassable, ignored.
    Until another comes,
    and sees that rock for what it is,
    a shining diamond.
    A testament made,
    formed of the pressure of the will and strength and the beauty,
    of the one upon whom it resides.
    And so the rock is lifted,
    and a new fire heats the forge of life,
    and you are found.


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