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And Then the Humpbacks Came


The brilliance of the sky was only matched by the brilliance of the sea. They sat close; not touching, but close enough to soak up the presence of each other. Their minds wondered lazily, occasionally scanning the turquoise horizon for any sign of the migrating humpbacks. Sea eagles floated by on the breeze, beautiful and free.

Faced with a choice, staying to pursue a perfection that could never last or leave and never know.  She stared longingly at the water for answers. Perhaps she could divine her truth in the azure waves. Wrapped up in their own minds, they both continued to search for any sight of the humpbacks. Humpbacks follow an intricate migration pattern. Throughout thousands of years of evolution they have swam faithfully thousands of miles every year, charting a global map. She thought if whales knew their path, why couldn’t she? To stay, to leave, indecision is a sweet agony.

Clouds lazily drifted by, casting shadows as if mirroring their individual thoughts.  “What if I stayed?” she asked herself. She turned and stared into his eyes that shone like the lightest amber. Did she want to be lost? By being lost would she ultimately be found? She turned her face away and listened to the sound of the waves.

“What is it all worth” she wondered. To live a life on the surface, to enjoy moments but never commit to plumbing their depths? Is it worth it to risk the cold depths of another’s soul? Or is it better to just enjoy the warmth and light that the surface provides?

As they sat there on the ocean side cliff, and morning morphed into afternoon, a little sea turtle emerged. Happily, buoyant, coming up for air. She felt like that turtle, that moment of happiness was like coming up for air. They laid down on the rock and drifted in out of sleep; soaking up the sun and each other. Wrens called out happily to one another and butterflies alighted upon them gently as kisses, as if being embraced by the universe.

He put his arm over her shoulders and touched his lips to hers, a kiss mixed with passion and the saltiness of the sea. No words were needed. No decisions had to be made at that moment.  For today, each other was all that was needed. They both stared into the sea one last time, and suddenly the humpbacks appeared. Magnificent, grey and white, shooting up massive spouts of water. The light reflecting off the water made the droplights appear as diamonds. They both gasped in wonder. The whales swam through the water as if a needle threading a giant piece of blue silk. The whales jumped and pivoted, performing for themselves an ancient dance. As the whales slowly made their way out of sight, they turned and headed back to the car.


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Everyday Joy

We travel to learn, to relax, to explore, to grow, to escape, to experience life.

Part of my journey in pursuing my North Star is to understand what makes me happy. Here in no particular order are a list of seven things that I have I found, in the course of my travel, that cause me unmitigated joy; things that make me feel utterly alive.

Animals. Animals of any variety, wild or domesticated. I especially love seeing animals in their natural habitat. Penguins in Sydney or monkeys in Bali it doesn’t matter, I experience complete childlike fascination. I am reminded of how we coexist on this planet and how delicate that balance is. Kindness should not just be extended to humans, but to all life forms.



Random encounters with strangers. The taxi cab driver in Dublin who was from Hong Kong and took the time to eloquently tell me about his home country and why he immigrated to Ireland 20 years before. The blissful enthusiasm of the cabby in Wellington that told me the best things in life are free—and the best thing we can do is to smile. I thank you all for the insights you’ve given me over the years.

Road trips. Road trips with car problems, delirous laughter and too many energy drinks. The kind where you drive all night and come unexpectedly come across the most breathtaking landscape and you experience collective awe.



A good meal. A meal served with kindness and humanity. The kind of meal where the food is divine and it is served with graciousness and a genuine hospitality.

Airports. People coming and going; jubilant embraces and tearful goodbyes. The daily dramas of an airport encapsulate our humanity.

A bottle of wine and an epic sunset over the ocean. No amount of money could be paid for the unique beauty of a radiant sunset over the opaque waters of the ocean.



Laughter. The shared moment with another person(s) that produces belly-wrenching laughter. The kind that brings tears to your eyes and joy to your soul. This sort of laughter is more healing than any medicine.


No one many knows how many days they have on this planet, but my heart is so full of gratitude that if I died tonight I can say I’ve lived and loved beyond my wildest expectations.

What are you thankful for today?