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The Glorious Continuum of Wonder

In a forest; lush and light. Old and full of wisdom, the ancient woods 

Grounded in the earth I feel alive. Laying on my back; The sun kissing my skin

I stretch lazily, taking in the decadence of it all

My senses taking in every sound and sensation

The paper-thin blades of grass

Morning dawns

Birds flock!

The nuanced and determined chorus of the insects

Birds welcoming in the dawn with their individual songs. Greeting 

All are in joyful recognition of the moment

This one precious, fleeting experience

Maybe the circle life isn’t a circle all; it’s a glorious continuum of wonder

I know nature

The earth is rooted deeply within my bones; it feels like home. Clay, is my primordial second skin

I accept the universe, her infinite and unfathomable 

What is the universe?

What is the universe of my nature?

I have taken years to begin to understand 

The painful lessons the cartographers of life have paved for me

The only soul that matters is my own. Deep. Vast. 

The future impacted by the ecology of my past. A strange exploration

Take me to the glen, lay me down. The grass embraces me

The sun renews me

I am changing the ecology of my future 

One goddamn lesson learned at a time 

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Hello (My Body)

It is so nice to meet you

My Knowing has longed to connect with you

To accept you

To befriend you with loving curiosity

I thought you had to be seen by others to see yourself

I know that is a lie, a cheap reflection and perception

Within you I have found my North Star

I acknowledge your light, your darkness and your strength

Your limitations that are becoming your greatest strengths’

I throw away anything that prevents you from rising up to meet the Universe  

I throw away anything that prevents me from loving you

Self-compassion is now the filter I view you with

Someway we will get through this curious thing called life, you and me 

My body and I. Myself and I.