I can feel the soft caress of your hand upon my face, a phantom caress

Your hand has been severed from my life

The phantom caresses bring as much pain as they do pleasure

We grew to be one, the sudden and violent severing


Recovering from your love, no amount of therapy to fix

Now I wander

Life before you can’t recall; the rendering of two souls


My body doesn’t realize you are gone forever,

The phantom pains come at unexpected moments

Memories of your skin next to mine causes me to shiver in excitement


Excitement swiftly turns into dread and grief

Phantom pains, phantom souls

Perhaps this pain signifies what we were, an emotionally made up connection that really never existed

What is worse?

All I have now is the aftermath, pulled apart against my will


Daily activities seem so difficult, reliance on my other half, gone- forevermore

Like a solider returning from battle, I’ll never be the same




Always is a word that almost never should be used

However, with you, you break all the rules

Always you hurt me the second I trust you

Always I give you my vulnerability to you only have it crushed in your hand like a dying ember

Always you break my heart

Always like a fool I come running back for more

Always your promises never coming to fruition; lies seep from your mouth like water from the rock

Always I hope

Always I lie awake at night with only you on my mind

Always the smile you place upon my face is quickly replaced by the sorrowful expression of broken expectations

Always I hope

Always the ghost of our memories by my side, my nights haunted and my days shadowed

Always waiting, always longing, a thirst I cannot quench

Always I hope